About us

"....they need a quality education. They need someone to guide. A guide to show the light. And that light which could show the way towards enlightenment! "


There are moments of... when we come across a child in a dilapidated condition working as a laborer, a “baccha” roaming in the streets, who picks up  garbage, to find something to feed, for to make a day and a hard-earned living.... as a rag-picker! We see, but hardly can make a difference.


There are moments of... when daily wage earners, as a concerned parent of a child, looks after, finding someone to educate, at the least, so that there wards do not suffer...and make a comfortable living knowing the surroundings by counting the things which can be count on to fit into the dynamics of a constant changing world. 


And many more instances... innumerable, we see, we feel and yet we are helpless!


With a mission to 'lend our hands' towards 'many'... we are here, we came, and we're ready




Education in the 21st century is of very much significance. It is a dream of the downtrodden, and a privilege of the elite. Education plays instrumental role in transformation and development of the society. Right to education is a universal human right, with the potential to individual freedom, empowerment and  and other benefits. Education is a must. Ek Pehal is the story. We've the story to share because we had many things to look forward and beyond. Ek Pehal, started with a beginning which has been a humble journey with thrones throughout the journey, since it's inception. It was one another day during the amusing autumn 2014, indeed which had been an extraordinary day, during the festival of lights which ignited the spirits of a few individuals, to look ahead and work ahead towards making a difference, and put a substantial bit towards building a sustained efforts, in the form of something 'education'. It started. The ideas were, thus born. And an integration of fabulous ideas incorporated, on what was it to be founded as 'Ek Pehal'. Little they knew, it was turning out to be an idea fetching the fortune treasure which would very soon be widely acclaimed among many others, and also a 'Hurrah' moment. With spirits fueled high, a group of 7 with that high enthuse, a solid perception to make it happen - the integrated idea, established and founded on what it is known, to you today, that is 'Ek Pehal'.